Their Stories


After Amanee’s mother kicked her out of the house, she began living on the streets of Lawrenceville, GA. She would walk back and forth to work often through strong southern thunderstorms. Amanee got sick and a friend offered her a place to stay. After a few days, she told Amanee she was moving to Mississippi and asked Amanee to go with her.  When they got to Mississippi, they found the house unfit for habitation. Through other friends, they got a

chance to move to Saraland, AL. While in Saraland, Amanee made new friends and was asked to move into a house with some of them. It didn’t take her long to realize this was a big mistake. The others in the house were actively using illegal drugs and Amanee was continuously being propositioned for sex in exchange for money. Amanee wanted better for herself. She got hired and went to work for Ruby Tuesdays and came to McKemie Place to find a safe place to stay. She was hurting, broken, and ready to give up. At McKemie she found a staff that loved and encouraged her. She worked with our case manager to set attainable goals for herself and soon got a second job at a local sandwich shop.  Amanee worked so much that she often would sleep as little as 3 hours per day. Ruby Tuesdays noticed her strong work ethic and Amanee received a promotion that allowed her to resign from her second job while still saving money. Amanee continued to work her case plan and dream for her future. She decided to apply to go to college and was accepted into Auburn University at Montgomery. Amanee relocated to Montgomery where she is now living independently, going to school, and working. Join us in wishing Amanee continued success as she begins a better life for herself.


Regina bounced from house to house for 19 years. She had a small income that she used to contribute to the monthly expenses of whichever house she happened to be staying in at the time. At 67 years old, she had given up on the possibility of having her own place to stay.  Regina came to McKemie Place feeling tired, defeated, and hopeless. When she came to us, she had the

opportunity to not only save some money, but she also was connected with different programs that work specifically with people her age.  The waiting lists were long and we called different apartment complexes everyday checking on the status of her applications, but her persistence paid off and she finally has a home of her own. Regina took advantage of the services McKemie Place offers women in distress and today, she is enjoying the independence she fought so hard to have. 


In 2015, Kristiana was living with her family and was struggling with extreme depression. After an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, she checked herself into a mental hospital and was diagnosed with clinical depression and was borderline personality disorder. The hospital referred Kristiana to a group home.  Soon, she was getting healthier and doing well so the group home told her she was too functional to be allowed to continue staying there. They

brought Kristiana to McKemie Place and dropped her off at our door. In an instant, she was homeless! She came into the shelter angry. She was defiant and even disrespectful to staff a few times.  After several reprimands, Kristiana finally resolved to accept the help we were offering and began working her case plan.  She attended group therapy and took her medication as prescribed.  She enrolled at Goodwill Easter Seals work program and got a job. There were countless days where Kristiana wanted to give up, but she remained steadfast. In 2018, Kristiana moved from McKemie Place to her own place, but she continues to be part of the McKemie family.  In 2019, Kristiana purchased a new vehicle and the first place she came was to McKemie Place so we could celebrate with her.  She has restored her relationship with her family and enjoyed their family vacation in Gatlinburg for Christmas. Kristiana’s story is an encouragement to our guests and a reminder for us all to never give up.