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A Place of Our Own

We are thrilled to have our own facility where we can provide an around the clock safe haven for unaccompanied homeless women. The pictures below give you a glimpse into our beautiful new shelter. No little girl grows up thinking she will one day find herself needing emergency shelter, but when women are in distress, they can count on us not only to provide them a safe place to stay, but also to connect them with the resources they need to regain their independence.


Guests and visitors are welcomed into our shelter through the entryway.


Our guests have this nice common area to relax and watch television in the evenings.


We have five bedrooms equipped with beds to give up to 50 women a safe place to sleep at night.


Our facility has seven showers, two of which are ADA approved for our guests with disabilities. 


Our new home has a classroom where women can learn and grow while they are staying with us.


Three commercial washer and dryer units provide clean linens as well as personal laundry services for our guests.


This beautiful courtyard allows our guest to have a place to get some fresh air and safely enjoy outdoor activities.


Guests enjoy three meals per day and a couple of snacks when available in our dining room.

Your chance to give homeless women their best chance.

McKemie Place needs your financial support to  help women who have nowhere else to turn.
Many of our guests are victims of violence, who found the courage to leave their abusers only  
to face the struggles of poverty. Lack of job skills and affordable housing, mental health issues  
and addiction are just a few of the brutal realities that these women face all alone.
But when they come to McKemie Place, they get the chance to start a new chapter in their lives. Here, they’re welcomed into a safe and caring  community, where they have the emotional support and resources to heal and become self-reliant. McKemie Place has recently started a new chapter of our own with the opening of a new, larger facility. Your support is urgently needed to fund this new home and continue to give homeless women the help they so desperately need. Together, we can help each woman begin to tell a new story: the story of the life she’s always wanted.


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